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Mon 5/7/22

Summer has flown past, and how very summery it was too! A real heatwave in the middle, with thunder and lightening storms to follow. But, Autumn is showing in the leaves now, and things have cooled down at bit. 

I have been working on portraits this week, after a wee break from faces.  Today, I tried out a new technique, following a tutorial by Dutch artist Juna Biageoni. She was drawing a charcoal portrait of an older woman's face, lines and all, but using the creases in the paper to catch the charcoal and add the character, rather than drawing in the lines and wrinkles. Here is my version of her technique.  To see more of my portraits, scroll down to the Gallery section below .

Mon 29/8/22

This week I have been playing with my watercolours.  This is so relaxing, as long as I remember to use a pretty big brush, so everything stays nice and loose. 


Flowers and Fruit

Flowers and fruit are such bright colourful shapes to draw and paint.


Faces were the first thing that I taught myself to draw, and are still my favourite.


Drawing birds lends itself to a range of art materials, from the darkness of charcoal for the raven to the looseness of watercolour for the long-tailed tit.


From elephants to dogs with everything in-between! There is no animal I don't love drawing.

Sharon Semple

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